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MCTOP100 Minecraft Server Description:


☆☆☆ Welcome to NodCraft☆☆☆ 
This is a Spout Enforcedserver. This means that Spout Client is required to play. 
You can get Spout at http://bit.ly/ncspout 
This server features many spout enabled plugins, including: 
Biome Sound: Custom sounds per biome, at certain times. 
Mob Disguise: Enables transforming into any mob. 
Open Inventory: Allows staff to open an inventory in real time. 
Spout Essentials: Allows the player to set a custom Title, Cape, Music and control their own weather, time, and sky/fog/clouds, forces a server wide texture pack. This cannot be changed manually. 
Spout Trade: Trade with a player in real time. 
Too Many Buckets: Too Many Items replacement for servers using Spout. 
Vanish No Packet: Allows Staff to become invisible. 
McMMO: Provides an interface and popups for the skill leveling system. 
Spout Backpack: Allows the Player to keep a persistent, upgradeable backpack. Where items placed in it do not drop upon death. 
Raw Critics Ore Obfuscation: Used to combat any x-ray client mods or x-ray texture packs. 
★ ★ ★ How to Play ★ ★ ★ 
All players upon joining start in the town New Sateda. Your mission is to go out in the world. Survive, and eventually gain enough to start your own town. 
To aid you in this, we offer multiple ways to earn income. These include Heaven Activity, which allows you to earn money by actively playing; Mob Bounty, which allows you to earn money by killing neutral and aggressive mobs; Virtual Shop, which is a globally enabled Dynamic Shop where players can buy/sell their own items. 
However while there are many ways to make money, you can also lose money. Dying will cause you to lose money, Killing your own wolves will cost you money, and being killed by other players can lose you money. 
But do not despair! For there are various “Safe Zones” scattered throughout the map, where you cannot build, but you cannot be killed either. 
There are many things standing in your path to glory, including special per world mobs, other players, a hunger system, and Herobrine 
There are 3 worlds you can make your living on: Sateda, Skylands, Nether, but the global shop is only available in the normal world. 
★ ★ ★ Security ★ ★ ★ 
We feature various security plugins, to combat certain client mods, to combat spamming, and to combat excessive grieving. Do not worry; these plugins are always working behind the scenes to ensure a fun playing experience 
★ ★ ★ Extra ★ ★ ★ 
While it is not required to play, we ask that you register on our site at http://nodcraft.dyndns.org Activation is instant! (In the future an account on our site will be required in order to play) 
If you like our server, would you consider donating? All amounts are appreciated; however those who donate $3 USD or more will receive in game benefits. You can read more about it http://nodcraft.dyndns.org/donate 
If you have any problems or suggestion, please do not hesitate to ask us or tell us, either on our site, or in game to the staff.

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